Rooms in the house and furniture activities


Describing a room                        My house – worksheet with 6 exercises

Furniture – fill in the missing letter   House and furniture beginner worksheet

Furniture – cut and paste activity    Furniture in living room and bedroom

Rooms in a house – cut and paste activity    Parts of the house worksheet

Furniture – worksheet         Furniture worksheet for beginners

House mini book   Rooms-crossword

Elementary worksheets

Body-Crossword                   Places in town                           Categories worksheet                          Classroom Objects worksheet          Family descriptions          Family Names-Identify Cards      Family Tree Information Gap       In on under worksheet                   Jobs match                           People who make me feel safe                   This Is Me                             Time worksheet                  Transport worksheet           Word search kitchen       Cats         Wordsearch-animals                 Menu         Postcard       Classroom objects – worksheet                                                                   Bingo-Animals (basic)    Bingo-blank       Bingo-Food            Blank board game                             Subject pronouns          Three wishes     Timetable 1     Timetable 2   

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